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3rd July - 
14th July

Dates are provisional
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This is the perfect short stay package if you cannot get much time off work or are leaving young children behind, allowing you to perform your Umrah and Hajj in a complete manner.

We are the pioneers of the shortest Hajj package on offer in the UK.

Due to the time constraints that this package has, we have designed it to exclude a stay in Madinah as this is not part of the Hajj rites and does not in any way have an impact on the completeness or acceptability of your Hajj. For your stay in Makkah, we have selected arguably Makkah’s best hotel, the Dar Al-Tawhid Intercontinental, to ensure your stay is comfortable and pleasant.

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Humaira (2018 Pilgrim)

“I am very thankful for all the wonderful staff, they really went above and beyond what was expected of them, and for that I am extremely grateful.”



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Depart from the UK. Arrive in Jeddah; proceed to Makkah and check in to hotel, perform Umrah.

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8th Dhul Hijjah - Check out from Makkah hotel and go to Mina. Begin the rites of Hajj.

Thu 7 Jul copy.png

9th Dhul Hijjah - Arafat, Muzdalifah.

Fri - Sun Jul copy.png

10th-12th Dhul Hijjah - Mina.

Mon 11 Jul copy.png

13th Dhul Hijjah - Leave Mina, perform farewell Tawaf and proceed to Jeddah hotel.

Thu 14 Jul copy.png

Proceed to airport for flight back to UK.


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Conrad - Makkah

A new addition to Makkah’s ever-growing collection of luxury hotels. Conrad is an international brand of luxury hotels and resorts and is part of the Hilton family. Boasting a prime location, the Conrad is located literally steps away from the Haram. The hotel offers spacious, modern rooms, luxurious bathrooms, superb facilities and a warm traditional Arab welcome.

For further information:

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Dar Al Iman Intercontinental.png

Dar Al Iman Intercontinental - Madinah

As you exit the hotel you are in the masjid courtyard! It is especially convenient for the ladies, as it is located almost opposite the ladies entrance.

For further information:

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DoubleTree by Hilton - Makkah

One of Makkah's newest hotels, located in the Jabal Omar and about 10 minutes walk to the Haram with a 24 hour

shuttle service.

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Harmony Hotel - Madinah

Located just a short 7 minutes walk to the Prophet's Masjid, this is a quality hotel with well-equipped rooms located close to shops and restaurants. 

For further information:

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