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Alhamdullilah we are delighted by the news that the Saudi authorities has commenced Umrah visas. Although it will take some time for things to fully get back to ‘normal’, we are nevertheless happy that things are beginning to move in the right direction after a very long pause of 17 months! For British Citizens there is also the option of travelling on a tourist visa. Please get in touch for further details.


Based on the information that we have so far, all pilgrims must:

  • be over 18 years of age;

  • be fully vaccinated (both injections); proof of vaccination will be required;

  • present a negative PCR test;

  • book all visits to Masjid Al-Haram for the purposes of prayer, Ziyarah and Umrah through the designated app;


We are now taking Umrah booking so please do get in touch.


In conjunction with our Saudi partners, we shall endeavour to provide you with a pleasant experience..Insha Allah


May Allah SWT enable us to visit His House soon!

Umrah is NOW OPEN!

HAJJ TOUR 2021 CANCELLED - 12/06/2021

The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah (Saudi Arabia) has just announced that due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the emergence of new variants, Hajj this year will be limited to residents and citizens of Saudi Arabia only. Therefore, with the greatest regret, for the second year, we are forced to cancel our Hajj tour.


Naturally this is not the news we were hoping to receive but we must resign ourselves to the decree of Allah - Allah is the Best of Planners.

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UMRAH RETURN - 12/11/2020

Visas have opened for foreign pilgrims however it will still remain closed to UK pilgrims. 


We hope Umrah from the UK will resume soon. We will update as soon as we have any new info.

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UMRAH 1442 - 23/09/2020

Great News Alhamdulillah!

The Saudi authorities have announced staged opening of umrah beginning in early October. They will begin allowing foreign pilgrims by the beginning of November, insha-Allah.


UMRAH 1442 - 20/08/2020

The Saudi authorities have not as yet made any official announcement in regard to the resumption of Umrah for the Hijri year 1442, which we all eagerly await.  It is expected that an announcement will be made soon albeit with additional requirements/regulations in light of COVID19. 


We will update our website as and when an official announcement is made. 


We ask Allah SWT to enable the resumption of visitation to His House soon. Ameen.


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Book with confidence

As a result of the Coronavirus epidemic, understandably, there has been concern amongst those who are considering booking for Hajj 2020 or Umrah in case of a travel ban.


We would like to offer our reassurance to everyone who has booked their Hajj or Umrah package with Al-Hidaayah Travel in 2020 of a full refund in either of the following two situations:


  1.  The FCO advise against “all travel to Saudi Arabia”, or “all but essential travel to Saudi Arabia”, or

  2. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia issues a ban on UK pilgrims travelling for the purposes of Hajj 


Cancellations due to other reasons will be subject to our standard terms and conditions.


The safety and security of our pilgrims remains a high priority for us.

Umrah visas suspended - 27/02/2020

As you may be aware the Saudi authorities have suspended entry to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for passengers travelling for the purposes of Umrah with immediate effect as a short-term measure to prevent Coronavirus entering the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


This is a temporary precautionary suspension for those entering the Kingdom for the purposes of Umrah, irrespective of whether they are holding an Umrah or tourism visa. 


This is a short term preventative measure as at the time of writing, there are no known cases of Coronavirus in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia;


If you have a flight or package booked for travel to Saudi Arabia within the next 72 hours, please contact the office to enable us to explore possible options; if you are booked to travel later than 72 hours, please wait for further updates.


Hajj remains unaffected by this suspension, nevertheless we continue to observe the situation and any developments closely;


We continue to monitor advice from the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah, Ministry of Health as well as the Foreign and Commonwealth Office in relation to travel to Saudi Arabia,


Please note that this is an unprecedented situation and continues to develop, which we are following closely and will act appropriately as and when required.  The Saudi authorities are experienced in dealing with such epidemics as in recent years they have dealt with the outbreak of both MERS and SARS in the Kingdom.


We will post any significant updates via our website and social media channels.

We ask Allah SWT to alleviate the ummah of this virus and protect the sacred lands of the same.