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Hajj Tour 2022 Update

Posted: 10/04/2022

On 9th April 2022 the Saudi Authorities made an announcement that one million pilgrims will be permitted to perform Hajj this year (this is compared to 2.5 million in 2019). Nonetheless, this is very positive news. Although no quotas have yet been allocated to the UK as a whole or to individual companies, we think it safe to assume we will be able to take about 50% of our normal quota insha-Allah.


The official announcement also stated the following additional restrictions/requirements:

  1. Pilgrims over the age of 65 will not be able to perform Hajj this year

  2. Pilgrims must be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. This means that at the time of travel you should have had both doses of the approved vaccines, and if more than 8 months have elapsed since the second dose then you will be expected to have had the booster jab too.

  3. All pilgrims must undertake a PCR test within 72 hours of departure which must show a negative result.


We are hoping that we will receive the exact quota very soon, insha-Allah. As soon as we have all the information regarding this years Hajj we will launch our Hajj 2022 packages, inshaAllah, which will be updated on the website.


If you haven't already done so, please register your interest for Hajj 2022 and we will send you an email once we are ready to launch. 

In the meantime, unless it is absolutely necessary, we politely ask that you avoid calling us about Hajj 2022 as we will have no further information to share until we launch. 

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