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Umrah Visas will reopen in late November for departures from the beginning of December.

We have confirmed direct flights for the Winter holidays in December.

We will also have a group-accompanied package during that time.


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  • The maximum permitted stay in Saudi Arabia is 14 days
  • Hotel accommodation must be booked through an approved Ministry of Hajj agent
  • The first transfer from the airport to your hotel of stay must be booked through an approved Ministry of Hajj agent
  • During peak seasons, expect visa restrictions due to quotas imposed by the Ministry of Hajj as a result of the ongoing works in Masjid al-Haram, we advise that you book as early as possible
  • All females travelling for Umrah whose family names differ to their accompanying Mahram must provide evidence of their relationship prior to Visa application.
  • As well as six months validity from date of departure, passports must have two clear facing pages,    

We, at Al-Hidaayah, understand the seriousness and sincerity in your preparation for Umrah - the minor pilgrimage. We also understand how important it is to ensure the safety and comfort of you and your fellow Muslims brothers and sisters during the journey. Thus, we offer Umrah packages that are economical for people with a tight budget as well as luxury packages for the ones who have specific requirements.

We are trustworthy agents who provide you options for packages that are best suited to your comfort and your needs. All the services are well explained with clarity so that transparency is maintained between Al-Hidaayah and you. A helpful, unbiased and responsive service will always be at your disposal from our side on every visit of yours and on the trip. A combination of all these distinctive features gives you the best possible trip for Umrah - memories that will last throughout your lifetime.

Al-Hidaayah is connected to Hajeej, one of the largest and most trustworthy service providers for Umrah travel based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The organisation provides some of the best VIP and economical packages, thus ensuring a good quality and genuine service to all the pilgrims right from the commencement of the journey till its end. In the Umrah packages 2014 that we are offering this year, we aim to provide you with the same dedication and comfort so that your trip for the journey resides in your heart for the years to come.

Your convenience is amongst our foremost priorities due to which we also offer customised trips for Umrah that give you the freedom to design your own package for the journey. All the necessary arrangements such as flight tickets, visa, accommodation, etc will be made by us. We have a range of hotels for you from 3 to 5-star to choose from for your stay. Travel arrangements from the airport to your hotel and other such transportation can also be arranged by us.

We hope you will avail our services for a beautiful and comfortable journey to the Holy cities of Makkah and Madinah and bring home memories like never before. Use our search box on the right to customise your trip. Enquiries for Umrah packages in December 2014 are welcome.

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"Al-Hidaayah were not the cheapest but worth every single penny! Wonderful experience - Thanks!"

Umrah Passenger M 2013, 11/04/2013