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Hajj 2023 Announcment

Hajj 2024

As you may be aware, important changes have been made to the way Hajj is organised for UK pilgrims.  The Ministry of Hajj and Umrah has appointed a number of local companies in Saudi Arabia that will be authorised to organise Hajj for pilgrims travelling from the UK (and other Western countries). Prospective pilgrims will have to book a package supplied by one of the authorised companies via an online portal (Nusuk). Therefore, packages will not be sold by any UK company directly nor will payments be collected by them.


To enhance the experience of the pilgrims, provide a greater level of support and to address some of the challenges faced by pilgrims in the past, UK companies will be permitted to work with one of the authorised Saudi companies. Their role will primarily be to promote packages and to provide support to the pilgrims.   


Last year we partnered with one of the authorised Saudi Hajj providers, Al-Bait Guests, as strategic partners, and we are delighted to say that Hajj 2023 was a huge success, alhumdulillah! We are intending to build on last year’s success and we are confident that Hajj 2024 will be not only be enjoyable and memorable but also deeply spiritually uplifting.   


To stay informed about the latest updates, including new developments, launch dates, and other essential information, we encourage you to register your interest at your earliest convenience.



Thank you for entrusting us with this sacred journey, and we look forward to facilitating an extraordinary Hajj experience for all.

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