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​ “This has been the best journey I have ever experienced. Every little detail was planned perfectly to accommodate and help facilitate us on this scared tour. We experienced 5 star treatment throughout our trip. We were continuously being informed and updated with our daily programs. We had continuous personal contact with our designated religious guide who helped us with any concerns or advice we needed. Our tour guide truly went above and beyond his call of duty. He was nothing short of a god send. His professionalism and conduct truly exceeded our expectations. He went out of his way to make sure all our needs were being met. The hotel standards in all the places we visited we far beyond my expectations. I would recommend anyone thinking of taking this journey to seriously consider making it with Al- Hidaayah Travel in sha Allah you will not be disappointed.”

Aribah Hammouda

3 Mosques Tour

​ “Just returned from the 3 Sacred Mosque Tour which was absolutely amazing. Alhamdulillah it was well organised, everything ran smoothly and I learnt so much about the history of Islam. Al Aqsa was a treasure to discover. I highly recommend a visit to the area. In fact I encourage it for political and economical reasons.”

Barbara Rafiuddin

3 Mosques Tour

 “Can't really write in words how to describe the impact of the trip, It was an amazing Experience Subhaan Allah! Beautiful place Lovely & very helpful people. All in all great trip. Alhamdulillah!”

Shaheen qadir

Al Aqsa Tour

 “The tours were lovely, got to see loads of places.”

Mohammed Araf

Al Aqsa tour

“It was a trip of my dreams of many years. We were blessed with excellent leadership and company. Allah SWT The Most Generous Most Forgiving blessed us with super weather and overall comfort. People resilient and accepting their way of life with no complaints! They were the best, MashaAllah, JazakAllahukher Al- Hidaayah for a memorable trip”

Farah Kayani

Al Aqsa Tour

“The whole trip was excellent. You did an amazing job with sorting Umrah package for us. Hotels were amazing. No problem at all. Whole trip was amazing and easy with whole family with two young kids.”


Tailor Made Umrah package

 “I don't like going in groups but the time management and quality of hotels and transfers has changed my mind on travelling with groups.”

Iram Naz

Ramadan Umrah Group

 “This is now my best Ramadan ever due to this trip.”

Anisa Ahmed

Ramadan Umrah Group

 “Brilliant overall. Highly recommend.”

Furqan Ahmad

Ramadan Umrah Group

 “The package was very good. Would like to recommend to anyone.”

Amjad Majeed

Easter Holidays Umrah Package

 “The hotels. Both Makkah & Madina were the best.”

Ms Shaheen Qadir

Easter Holidays Umrah Package

 “Very accommodating, great dates, direct flights, excellent transport. Took all the hassle out of arranging everything.”


December Umrah Package

 “We travelled with Al Hidaayah on their December 2018 umrah package. Although me and my husband had been before but my teenage children were going for their first umrah and I wanted a travel agency that would make this a good experience for them and I was not disappointed. Brother Taj brother Bilal and yousif were all helpful kind very approachable and went out of their way to make our journey easy and comfortable. I would highly recommend Al Hidayaah for anyone planning to go to umrah or hajj.I will certainly be booking with them again inshaAllah.”



 “Booked the Umrah package December 2018, and it was worth every penny. Not having been on Umrah before, it was a daunting idea of trying to travel and perform umrah with a child but booking with Al-Hidaayah was the best choice to make. The group leaders Brother Taj, Brother Bilaal and Brother Yousef (who gave fantastic lectures and advice) were wonderful and very helpful especially towards the end when my daughter wasn’t feeling too good, they went above and beyond to help. I would recommend Al-Hidaayah to anyone considering booking a package and I will also be using Al-Hidaayah again myself in the future Insha’Allah.”


 “Thank you from me and my family too. It was my first time but I loved the experience. The group was very organised and it gave us an opportunity to meet all you nice people on the way. Thank you Brother Taj, brother Bilal and Yousif for your input. If we were a trouble at anytime I apologise. May Allah bless u all. Jzk”



 “Excellent service. Jazakamullahu khairan”


Easter Holidays Package - London

 “Very professional travel agent where front line staff are friendly and knowledgeable. Efficient and realistic on what is possible”.



“This is the 2nd time we travelled with Al Hidaayah travel to the holy land. The experience again was second to none. Even my children loved the trip and the learning experience was Alhamdulillah very good. Our guide was also excellent (brother Taj). May ALLAH reward and accept all the brothers efforts at Al Hidaayah travel. Keep up the good work. Well done”.

I. Mohamed


 “Thank you so much brother Jafar. The whole trip was excellent. You did an amazing job with sorting Umrah package for us. Hotels were amazing. No problem at all. Whole trip was amazing and easy with whole family with two young kids”.



 “Very personal, excellent and friendly service provided by brothers Wajid and Taj with very professional Ziyarah trips and provision of water on comfortable coaches. Also enjoyed the lectures given in Madinah”.


Easter Holidays Package - London

“As a family we are grateful to brother Jafar for all his help, advise and support prior to the journey. We also had a query on our Umrah trip and brother Jafar advised accordingly. Above and beyond service provided”



“ Brother Farhan arranged our Umrah trip, It was last minute but Alhamdulillah he ensured everything was taken care of, with these guys you get exactly what they promise. Honest and sincere. Exceptional service, would recommend this to anyone planning Umrah. They provide you with a detailed schedule, all relevant contact numbers. Reliable transport. Truly amazing, may Allah reward brother Farhan and Al-Hidaayah travel, by far the best in the industry in my humble opinion”.


December Umrah Package - London

"Al-Hidaayah were not the cheapest but worth every single penny! Wonderful experience - Thanks!"


Umrah Passenger

"I am very impressed with the customer service and your rep was very patient and courteous at all times. It was great to be treated as a valued customer and I would be happy to use you again inshaAllah"


Umrah Passenger

"You guys are fantastic as my parents said "we are in heaven" thank you so much. You really care for the client"


Umrah Passenger

"The overall experience in Saudi Arabia was very good. No complaints. "


Umrah Passenger

"We always travel with them because they give us an excellent service and they are reliable"


Umrah Passenger

"You went beyond our expectations! Thank you so much!"

Umrah Passenger

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